Jason’s Adventure

You don’t have to be a Superhero to make a difference.
For a little as a fiver you can help transform the views of people with a Learning Disability. 
Unity Empower’s Jason’s adventures series is a comic aimed at adults who are working on their reading skills written by people who have a Learning Disability. 
The series will follow Jason, a young man with a disability. The first in the series Jason’s Birthday Adventure has been written by the Empower group and brought to life by Scottish Artist Jack Potter. 
All it needs now is a little funding to get it produced… and this is where you come in, through our crowdfunding. You can pledge as little as a fiver to get Jason quite literally off the ground. As a thank you we will send you a PDF copy of the first edition to enjoy. Or for a fiver more you can have printed first edition posted to you. 
A whole host of pledge options are listed below and you can participate in the crowdfunder here until 29 October:
Jason's Adventure Comic
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