David Cooke

Having started with Unity in September of 2023, I am both new to the organization and excited to be taking on the role of North Ayrshire Gateway Service Manager, with what I know are a keen, forward thinking, caring and very supportive team and wider organization, as Unity, in partnership with the North Ayrshire’s Health and Social Care Partnership, expands Unity’s carers service, to become community based across a number of localities.

Having Served in the Royal Air Force for over 22 years, I have literally travelled the world in various roles. Completing my social work degree in 2003, I have spent the last 20 years across various areas of both statutory and third sector Welfare services, including young peoples, adults, drugs and alcohol and veterans’ welfare services. The latter overseeing 6 years with Poppyscotland’s, West of Scotland Welfare service.

Living locally, with my wife, a native of Monkton, I am spoilt to be able to swim off the local coastline throughout the year, indeed, if you ever see a bearded swimmer with a buoyancy aid, bobbing up and down and laughing, or perhaps on occasions out with of the sea enjoying one of Ayrshires fine drams there is every likely hood it is I.