Hi, I’m James and I am delighted to say that I am the Service co-ordinator at Empower Glasgow, which is a service for people with learning disabilities.

We have a fantastic project which our team are rightfully very proud of and I feel extremely fortunate to be part of. My role is to create new opportunities and a positive supportive environment for everyone who joins us through their development.  This is an immensely rewarding position which I love. Contributing to the empowerment and aiming to make a real positive difference to lives of the people to whom we support is an absolute privilege.

People may describe me as fun, friendly, enthusiastic and organised. I also have the extraordinary talent of being able to say “cheers” in fifteen different languages, which of course I have found extremely useful.

We are all very friendly here at Unity and you will always get a warm welcome, so come see us and support us, you will always be welcome.