The Spoon & Unity Social Kitchen

Coronavirus Update

The staff at the Spoon Café and the Unity Social Kitchen wanted to release this clear statement regarding the current threat of Coronavirus facing our community. We believe in transparency and wanted to keep you informed of the measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our staff, volunteers and guests.
Our priority is that we remain open and available to provide to the community.
We are closely monitoring staff and volunteers and ensuring their welfare is paramount.
All staff are aware of the standards required within the restaurant and are undertaking the following tasks to ensure complete sanitation;

• Tables, chairs & menus are cleaned with sanitiser before and after every customer
• Extra antibacterial hand soap is available in bathrooms
• Bathrooms are being cleaned & sanitised every hour (surfaces, taps, toilet area, all door handles, hand dryers)
• Staff are washing their hands frequently (for 20 seconds min) and have been told not to touch hair or face – if they do so, they are to wash their hands immediately. Serving surfaces and serving trays are also cleaned hourly with sanitiser.

The Spoon Café and Unity Social Kitchen remains open and we will continue to support those who need it. As the situation changes we may need to change the way we operate however at the core our focus will always be around supporting the community.

We would also like to kindly ask that you think of others before visiting us;
• If you are experiencing any symptoms or are feeling unwell please do not attend.
• Please, wash your hands upon entering and before eating your meal.
• Please take any precautions you feel necessary when visiting

If you would like to speak to someone about this please get in touch!

The Social Kitchen

The Unity Social Kitchen is a new social impact project from Unity.  This project started as a plan to fit a training kitchen from where cooking classes could be offered, with people taking home the food they cook, giving people practical information to be able to replicate dishes at a low cost at home.  Initially aimed at alleviating poverty for families, the concept has quickly evolved, in recognition of the additional benefits such a service has potential to offer.

Unity SOcial Kitchen Logo

Cook together, with a side order of community, connection and conversation!

Diverse people joining cooking class

A key outcome for the Social Kitchen is to alleviate and reduce the impact, of social isolation and loneliness for an increasing number of people in our community. The Social Kitchen will also provide opportunities for adults and young people with learning disabilities to develop skills around cooking and baking, in a model of support and prevention that will be replicated with multiple client groups throughout the City. Furthermore, The kitchen will host a ‘Sunday Social’ community meal as a dignified response to talking food insecurity and social isolation, as well as providing opportunities for individuals and volunteers to learn new skills and participate in the community.

Whilst tangible skills will be offered through the Social Kitchen that can improve individual prospects, the wider impact and theme is that of connectedness, and the development of meaningful relationships. Here we have the opportunity to “cook together with a side order of community, connection and conversation!”

Unity Social Kitchen Blog

A young woman shopping and budgeting on her phone in the supermarket

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Last time on the Unity Social Kitchen Blog, you were challenged join us for our £2.50 food challenge to help raise awareness about food insecurity social isolation. With less than two weeks to go, I’ve been browsing a few of the supermarkets prices to plan the five days.

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