Unity Enterprise Logo

Unity Enterprise is a Scottish charity that was founded in 1989. Jump forward 28 years to 2017, we are dropping the enterprise from our name and be known as Unity. Unity was set up with “Unity Enterprise is committed to promoting the ability of people for full cultural, social, and economic inclusion within their community” as the mission statement. Although we have grown and developed as an organisation, our main aims have stayed the same. We are at the end of finalising our new 3 year strategy that will illustrate our plans for the next three years building at the same time showcasing the work Unity life changing work we have been doing for over two decades.

Our website is currently down for a complete overhaul to ensure that information about Unity, its services, staff team and the success stories around the people we work with everyday are accessible and understandable for everyone. In the meantime you can check out our Facebook and Twitter Pages for whats going on

Our services include carer centres, community care, education, training and supporting individuals by offering them opportunities in a working environment through our social enterprise cafes “Spoon”. Through these services we provide training, work experience, guidance and support, personal development, education and social activities for young people and adults experiencing disabilities and/or social disadvantages.

If you are interested in working with Unity, find out more about our services or would like to book the services or space at one of our cafes you will find appropriate contact details below.

For any partnership working, press enquiries, events or to find out more information about Spoon Pay It Forward scheme please contact ian.findlay@unity-enterprise.com