We are Unity

We are Unity (formerly Unity Enterprise). We are a Scottish Charity and Social Enterprise founded in 1989. Over the years we have provided a variety of support services to people who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or a risk of exclusion across the West of Scotland.

We believe in fair and inclusive communities where everyone is valued and has opportunities to fulfil their potential.  This takes many forms and we are always looking for new ways to support our fellow citizens and widen our impact.

Staff, managers and a politican chat at Spoon Trongate
Unity team at Empower Learning Disability Service

We provide phone, face to face and group support to Carers, young and old, across North and South Ayrshire as well as providing short breaks and trips. We also deliver workshops and information sessions in schools to highlight awareness of carers experiences and to ensure young carers are identified and supported as such.

We provide day services for adults and young people with learning disabilities. Support is regularly reviewed and redesigned in accordance with how people want to use it; employability support working towards aims around future employment, citizenship, practical skills, drama, sport & health, confidence building, community building – no boundaries and no criteria! We also directly offer work experience and training to some of our service users.

As well as the support services we deliver, we also have our Spoon Cafes. They are social enterprises where we offer a great range of fresh hearty food, while also providing free food, hot drinks and informal support to people in Glasgow City Centre who may be affected by homelessness and poverty or may otherwise be vulnerable, at risk of exclusion or just want a warm welcome.

We believe that everyone has the right to be treated equally, be included in their community and have opportunities to live well and be happy.

If you think we can help you, or you can help us, please give us a call!

The Unity Carers Centre Team